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We offer a friendly, fun environment for people to become proficient, comfortable, and safe with a firearm. From beginners to the professional, you will take away a great learning experience. From our humble beginnings in 2016 teaching in our house to friends and family to private engagements with clients, each class is unique, fun, and friendly. Our science and fact based teaching methods help students learn what the body does naturally in a critical incident and how to use this to their advantage. We offer classes in defensive shooting, Utah Concealed Firearm Permits, Youth classes, Home protection, firearm safety to name a few. We strive to make the content and environment enjoyable and low stress.

We are a veteran family owned business. Along with teaching classes, we sell firearms to help our students find the right gun for their specific needs and circumstances. We want to ensure you have everything you need to Protect your HomeFront. We cannot always be there, as I have learned from being away from my family on business. This is why we are so passionate about teaching families to protect themselves.

Dave and Cybele Cerchio started Protect The HomeFront out of friends and family asking them about their journey into the world of defensive shooting as a way to Protect their family and selves from threats. The more they learned the more they shared and friends turned into neighbors and a business. They are normal people just like you, concerned with the protection and wellbeing of their family. This journey started over 15 years ago. Neither one of them grew up with guns in their homes or hunting. It was new for them. Their discomfort around guns and handling them was very real. We’ve been in your shoes and know your feelings and fears. Let us show you how to overcome them in a safe, relaxing and fun environment.

David Cerchio
Instructor & Owner


  • USCCA Certified Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)

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