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At Protect The HomeFront we realize families want to be safe and comfortable in their homes and when separated from loved ones. Learning to use a firearm can be a stressful, even an emotional event for some who may not have ever handled one before. We take a relaxed approach to teaching our clients how to handle a firearm in a safe comfortable environment. We share the techniques learned from studying real events and science back methods to bring you the best learning experience possible. Our instructors handle every client like with personal care to ensure your experience with Protect The Homefront is fun, family friendly and safe.

Our mission is to train and prepare families to protect their HomeFronts. We think of the those that stay home watching the young children or those that leave their family for business. How are you going to keep them or yourself safe from threats? Your homefront is wherever you are. Come learn with us about how to use the body’s natural reaction to stimulus as an advantage to prevail against a threat. We teach all levels of students from new to experienced. Have responsible teenage children, 14 or older? Bring them too to learn how to properly handle firearms in a defensive situation.

We are on a mission to teach everyone what it means to be a defensive shooter and use firearms as a tool to handle a life threating incident.

David Cerchio
Instructor & Owner


  • USCCA Certified Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)

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